Secret #1

The lace wig

The lace wig has literally revolutionized the world of wigs. We have never been so close to the look, feel, shine and “fall” of real hair, so natural and undetectable is it. Indeed, unlike classic wigs, the hair is attached one by one to an extra-light and resistant tulle. To complete the set, finer and shorter hair called ''baby hair'' is added to the edge of the wig using a technique exclusive to Mai's Secrets. This meticulous work makes the lace wig so natural, so flexible and light that everyone, including you, will think that it is your own hair.

The lace wig is suitable for all cases:androgenetic alopecia, total alopecia, traction alopecia, alopecia areata or temporary hair loss due to chemotherapy. It can also be considered as a protective hairstyle, the time to treat your hair, or as part of wearing a wig for religious reasons.

Prisca is wearing a glueless lace wig.

Perruque avec micro peau silk top

Secret #2

The lace wig with Silk Top

A silk top wig is a lace top wig on which a silk veil is added which perfectly imitates the appearance of the scalp. The silk top, also called Skin top, makes the tulle and the knots totally invisible for an undetectable result. The illusion is such that it looks like it's your hair even up close.

The skin top can be added to all types of cups:full lace, lace front, PU cup etc. You can choose one of our available models or select the custom option when ordering.

Khadeeja is wearing a Got2b gel bonded lace wig.

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